After many decades Count Dracula is back and he writes letters from Transylvania to deny his forsaken

At the border between Transilvania and Valahia, on top of a hill,
There is an old stone castle that vibes of an unpleasant chill!

Below the castle, inside an old forgotten coffin, Count Dracula is waiting...
He waits for decades for his once more awaking!

The time has come for him, to leave his den
So that the world to know that he will rule again!

He writes letters as proof of his awaken,
And send them around as a denial of his forsaken!
A personal letter from Dracula.

Your friends are important! They have an upcoming celebration? Or they already had one? Or maybe you want to prank them? Surprise them with a medieval style letter or a small gift from Count Dracula!

Medieval letters For centuries I have slept between the wooden walls o my coffin. It seems that humans forgot about vampires, about me, Dracula. I must let them know that I still exist. I will send letters to random people, everywhere around, to let them feel my dark rage - paragraph from Dracula journal Dracula is awakened after centuries of sleep and he honors orders from you to send letters on his behalf. There are different content templates to be used, or you might use your own content; they are designed to look medieval (check the gallery) and are written by Dracula himself; all the letters are sent from Romania with a Romanian and a Transylvanian stamp on the envelope. You can ask Dracula to send a letter to anyone you want: a friend, a work colleague, or even to yourself, with a special occasion or just for fun.

The trinkets are hand made, means that no automatic machine work is involved. They are made from different pieces of wood collected form different parts of Transylvania, the Romanian land that was (and still is) crossed by vampires. For protection, the pieces are treated with natural products and colored with homemade dyes. read more Due to his old habits of impalement, it seems that the Transylvanian count, Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Tepes), made a hobby for wood. He now collects pieces of wood from different regions of the Romanian land and shapes them into different trinkets. All the jewelry is hand made, meaning that no automatic machine work is involved. You can see that none of the jewelry is identical to another. You might spot trinkets that look alike, but in fact, they are a different form, texture, and color. That is why, the jewelry cannot be custom made, as it cannot be identically reproduced; each trinket is a small piece of art with its own story to tell. For wood protection, but also for some effects, the trinkets are soaked in natural oils, natural dye solutions, waxed and varnished. Dracula loves a lot to use the linseed oil and to experiment with different sources for coloring the wood. Some of the colors are hand made, as well, from different ingredients such as blackberries, beet, vinegar, coffee, and others. The wax is also hand made using a combination of oils and wax; wax which is bought from the Transylvanian bees. Because the trinkets are unique, when one adds a trinket to its cart, that item will no longer be visible (or able to be ordered). However, some times, one does not finish the checkout process, the case when the items from the cart are returned as available in the shop. The items with a red label "sold", mean that are sold and cannot be ordered. You can also customize your own pendant. Personalized necklace. Because each piece of jewelry it`s created from a story, sometimes Dracula`s hands will give birth to more pieces having the same story in mind, resulting in a trinket set. Such items will be listed with a purple label with the set name. You can order them individually or together - together the story will be complete.

Dracula wants to share with you some of his stories from his personal library. He picked some stories, some true, others ambiguous and other dark tales; stories about vampire and whiches, about demons, dragons, and forgotten traditions; folklore stories from Transylvanian lands. He translated them into English, so they can be read by you as well. Products
aggro wings
amulet of gurumu
apple core
apple slice
aural rings
black seeds of alchemy
blood sucker
blue tide core
burned ripple
carpe noctem
christmas hope
croton shades
forsaken ember
forsaken link
holes of destiny
immortal three
infinite bonding
knots of destiny
lyctus feast
moroi lure
mountain knots
mystic exclamation
night rogues
onyx nail
orun bell
pendant of guidance
pricolici fang
relinquish ember
rood cross
slivered core
stains of vitality
sun above horizon
sweet wildness
symbol of pride
the claw of cama
the devoted star
the golden acorn
the sabbath
thorny blessing
totem of ptah
uruku totem
vampire apprentice
vampiric ash
venom arrow
visio aeternae
wicked pear
wooden obsidian
wooden souls


There are many statements about Count Dracula and Vlad Tepes (the Impaler) around the world, but in the end, one name is fictional and another one is real. Dracula is a vampire that existed in the gothic horror novel written by Bram Stoker, while Vlad Tepes (the Impaler) is a real character that existed centuries ago in the Romania history. I want to talk about the names, as the vampires, we all know that they do exist. Dracula is a Count from Transylvania who goes to London to find new victims in his quest for blood and eternal life and the group of Victorians who fight him and try to destroy him and evil in the process. While Vlad the Impaler is a ruler who was in power, in Transylvania between the years 1400 and 1500. Centuries ago, the Romania territory was split into multiple regions (Transylvania, Wallachia, Moldova, and Dobrogea). Vlad Tepes was born in Transylvania, then he was a voivode in Wallachia while in Transylvania ruled Matthias Corvinus, so, during Vlad the Impaler time both regions were resonating with his name. However, the real name of Vlad the Impaler was Vlad Dracul. Vlad Tepes`s father was a member of Order of Dragons (as well as his son later). Peoples started to call him Vlad Dracul, or Vlad the Dragon because of the order`s name. In the Romanian language the word "dracul" having the meaning of both "dragon" or "devil". So, the real name of the so-called vampire was Vlad Dracul. Vlad Tepes is a nickname same with Vlad the Impaler. "tepes" in the Romanian language meaning "the Impaler". So, Vlad the 3rd, Vlad Dracula, Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Tepes are different names for the same so-called vampire. Now it is kind of obvious where the Dracula name came from. Vlad Tepes greatest punishment method was impaling custom - the human corpse was impaled with a long rod and raised up in the sky so that every person to see it and fear it. During Vlad Dracula life, it is said the Vlad Tepes had a specific desire for blood, hence the relationship with a vampire. Different legends around the world spoke about some vampires masters who are at the base the of Vampire race. No one knows for sure who are these masters and how many are around. But the legends, clearly, talk about Vlad Tepes, Elizabeth Bathory, and the Corvinus family. Anyhow, the Count Dracula awakened from a deep sleep and now he is sending letters and small gifts via post office to people you might know, around the world. To do this easier he ordered this website so that everyone to be able to order a letter (based on a chosen template or a text of his desire) to be sent. On the Send a Letter page, you can use a template or add your own text, you can select a paper style and add the address where the letter to be sent. Each letter from Dracula will have an "on behalf of" section where your name (or nickname) will appear; will have the Dragon Order with Transylvania and Wallachia stamp and the Dracula signature. Each envelope is sent from Romania and will have a vampire stamp on its back. Within the website, you can also order some small gifts related to vampires (now are only a few, but much more yet to come). Like in the video, the story starts with the view of a dark cemetery that sits at the foot of a rock. On the rock, between the fog, a stone castle can be seen. The arcane texts say that this is one of the castles of Count Dracula. Vlad Dracula had lived in both Transylvania (Transilvania *) and Wallachia (Valahia *). Inside the castle, deep in a dark dungeon, there is a coffin forgotten by time, coated by dust but not rotten at all. The dungeon entrance was actually destroyed by goblins that once lived on this Romanian land. It is said that they knew what evil sleeps in the coffin so they made sure that no one will ever enter inside to unleash the evil nosferatu. However, centuries later the time had come for Dracula to awake. Surrounded by a dark ambient the castle started to vibe of an unpleasant feeling and demons started to rise from the graves vanishing into the Romanian castle walls. Now that Count Dracula is awakened he wants to let everyone know so he sends vintage letters, gifts, and riddles around. The master vampire is eager to deny his forsaken to all world. * - Romanian name of the regions.
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